Discover the friends and games you will love most.

GameTree allows you to spend less time searching and playing alone, and more doing what we all love, having fun and playing with people we care about.

Discover your gamer Personality Archetype and learn your Gamer DNA. Then, GameTree will reveal to you the games you will love most and new best friends in your area across every game and platform.

  • Shadi Al'lababidi
    Shadi Al'lababidiGrowth for Blockchain,

    Actually get matched with people you want to play with

    Very slick UI

    Non-Toxic enviroment


    Still some bugs

    Personality test is almost too accurate

    Scoped out Gametree a little while ago after searching 'Find gamer friends' into google. Or something like that.

    None of the apps were really any good, so I resorted to subreddits for particular games and Discord before finding Gametree.

    As Gametree started getting traction, I started fidning more friendd to play with.

    And if I ever get a new game that I want to Co-op or play with others (Farcry 5 most recently, totally recommend), then I just fire it back up and look for people playing it.

    Kinda surpised this is thr hard launch, as the app basically feels like a live version already. Excited for new features and keep up the good work!

    Shadi Al'lababidi has used this product for one year.
  • Nick Frost
    Nick FrostGrowth Manager at

    GameTree solves the problem of finding people that love and want to play the games you love. Any gaming medium, anywhere.


    100% of people that play any type of game aren't using GameTree... yet.

    I've known John for many years and am very excited to see him launch GameTree, which is the product and vision he's always been most passionate about. By his sheer will of hard work and persistence, he's been able to form a talented team, develop great products to launch with, and build a foundation that can grow into an amazing community and company. Plus, the product onboarding is pretty fun :)

    Nick Frost has used this product for one month.
Games are my favorite way to spend my time because of the consistent fun I get from them and because they have been the foundation of many of my most important relationships. I started this public benefit corporation so we can continue to indulge in these amazing stories, memories, experiences… so let's take a special moment to commemorate our gaming lives. What game most impacted your life and how?
@john_uke COD4 - Strategy + Teamwork + comms Pokémon - Patience + Hardwork Dota - How to deal with terrible humans Halo - Selection of specialisms StarCraft - Research + Planning
@john_uke WoW ruined my childhood 10/10, would do it again
@john_uke @imalchenko Still have withdrawals from chain healing w/ my Tauren Shaman. #forthehorde
@stefball It's all about the Tauren Shaman
@john_uke Illusion of Gaia taught me patience, creativity, and how one pig can save the world.
I think the app is a great idea, it's needed in the gaming space as people get more serious about games in their life.
I love it. It's helped me connect with like-minded friends and it seems to be created from a place of unity and altruism.
Good start for that project. I like it because there I can find players from Dota 2. But They are few from Kazakhstan! So guys will be good if you grow more users from Kazakhstan for me :)
@muhamed_kanapiya We're on it! Thanks for the support
Love the idea! UI looks great!
@jimmycowe Thanks! It comes after 5+ iterations... hehe