Sync your PSN, Xbox Live and Steam into your own .directory

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Alex Bouma@stayallive · Developer @ Simulise
Looks cool, but not so happy sharing some private data over a non-https connection. This should not be happening in 2016 IMHO.
Vlad RadulescuMaker@vlad_radulescu
@stayallive Highest priority on my TO-DO list. I reckon it will be sorted by the end of next week.
Alex Bouma@stayallive · Developer @ Simulise
@vlad_radulescu please take privacy serious! HTTPS is in these days incredibly simple (and in most cases conpletely free) but gives users ease of mind. I am not saying you guys don't take my data serious but if HTTPS is missing, what else could be missing is my first thought 😬 I hope other apps take this in cosideration that other people might feel the same. Good to hear you guys are working on it though, better a bit late then never!
Vlad RadulescuMaker@vlad_radulescu
Evening humans, Over the last few months I've been working on a web app which allows you, among others, to connect your PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and Steam accounts and sync your games, achievements, progress and more. Although trophy/achievement sync is not Live yet, you can sync your games and your trophy/achievements will sync automatically when they're ready. is currently in Alpha and I'm hoping a BETA will be ready by the end of May. There is a lot more information on the website. Looking forward to see you there.
Dario Hudon-Verrelli@dariohudon · Founder, socialveil
Love the idea but @alexniethe is spot on. These accounts also hold issue with past-privacy problems. This should have been your first consideration.
Vlad RadulescuMaker@vlad_radulescu
@dariohudon @stayallive I've heard you guys loud and clear! SSL encryption is now Live. I'm also in the process of releasing a new page dedicated to the Security and how we make sure that the integrity of our data and users is safe. Thank you!