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Hey Product Hunt! As active online gamers, we felt that the systems available for finding and connecting with other gamers were out-dated or simply didn't work. Trying to schedule gaming sessions on sub-reddits and forums is a clunky and unreliable process. Also, many games today neglect building a proper matchmaking system or even building one at all, leaving gamers on their own when trying to connect with other gamers. GamerLink is our take on how we feel connecting with other gamers should be. Even though GamerLink is currently in Beta, we have an amazing community of gamers and an almost 4.8/5 rating on both the App Store and Play Store. Here are a few of the features currently in GamerLink: - Support for all major platforms (XB1, PS4 etc.) and hundreds of games - Find gamers by posting "Beacons" which can include a game, description, hashtags, availability and more - Built-in gamer rating system to help learn which gamers you have the best experiences with - A universal friends list to stay connected with all of your gaming friends - Recently added "Beacon Alerts" which allows you to get notified when a Beacon is posted based on game, hashtags and more We have tons more features and improvements planned for GamerLink, and we're always open to feedback and suggestions. Feel free to ask any questions and hopefully we see you in the GamerLink community!
Great idea, good luck!
@rotemthegolfer haha, I used to play games so much, then I started working in the gaming industry and rarely pick up a controller or keyboard.
@rrhoover For me it was my second startup and 2 small kids (third one in the next few days 😃). I guess the next time I'll put my hands on a controller is when I buy my kid a PS or something like that.
@rrhoover You should hop into a game with the GamerLink team one day!
I like this, I miss gaming so much :(