Gamer Chum

Find people to play games with online by swiping left/right!

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Hey PH! I created Gamer Chum as a little side project to grow my skills in NodeJS. I'm now ready for people to give it a try! The idea is simple. Sign up, upload a photo, and enter a short bio! Then you can start finding people to play with in the same way you do on Tinder - by swiping left or right. Really hoping you'll all give it a go and let me know what you think :)
@rhysjc Not ready for people to give it a try?
@andrewmettinger @rhysjc I'm assuming that was meant to be 'now' ha.
@jakecrump @andrewmettinger ah! Yep, that was a typo. Thanks for spotting it :)
This really is an awesome idea! Would be super useful in a case where you want to play online in a game none of your friends have. You could find others playing it. Very cool @rhysjc.
@jakecrump Hey Jake! Thanks a lot for your compliments, I'm really glad you like Gamer Chum. I'm hoping the community can make use of it!
Maybe matches by geo-location as an option (later)? So I can play with people in the same city and maybe hang out with them IRL.
@abel_acuna That's a pretty cool idea. It would let you set up some couch co-op sessions.
@jakecrump gender filter + Netflix option ;)
@abel_acuna that's something I'm planning to implement further down the line. Right now there's so few users that I worry this would actually ruin the experience since its unlikely another member is in your area. Thanks a lot for your feedback!