A retro gaming subscription service for PC

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Justin BauerSoftware Engineer & Email Dude, WedPics
I'm very interested in this but I feel like the website is missing the information that I'd need in order to actually get an idea of what to expect. Are there any examples of the games that we might see? Perhaps there's *too much* mystery?
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Robert Bowling
Founder of GamePump
@bauermetal This is great feedback, and a balance we're working on getting right. The "blindness" of the service allows us to close better deals and offer bigger discounts with publishers (so they aren't competing with their full priced sales), however there is a need to share as much detail as we can so that subscribers don't feel totally lost on what they could be getting. I think a nice compromise is if we're able to tease or even say Franchises that will be making a return, even if we can't name specific games or the specific months they'll be released. This may be something we could negotiate with the license holders (when needed). Do you think that would be a valuable addition?
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Justin BauerSoftware Engineer & Email Dude, WedPics
@fourzerotwo First of all - I didn't know this was brain-another child of Humble Bumble people (or maybe just you?), kudos! I think that sounds like a fair compromise; I don't think it's necessary to know that [x] game will be coming [x] month, but ideas or teasers of franchises that may be returning would help (somewhat like your Mario™ reference in the video), perhaps genre's or decades could help. I would also maybe consider... after a few months into your launch, maybe share some of the games that HAVE been featured in the past (since you'll have that content at that point).