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A new way to compete, watch and win during live sports

GameOn is a new, free way for fans to compete, watch and win during live sports. Think trivia x sports betting. No complicated player drafting or hard-to-understand points systems. Just simple, no-risk gameplay with real cash prizes for picking game outcomes. Founding brand partners include Burger King, Motorola and Sportradar.

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Hi Hunters, By way of intro, I'm Matt Bailey - Aussie in NYC and Founder at GameOn. I moved to the U.S. five years ago with no job, friends or family - just a dream to make it in sports. After spending time in the major leagues, I've now dove deep into the startup world. GameOn is a sports-tech startup changing the way fans compete, watch and win during live games. Think HQ Trivia x sports betting. Too long have casual fans been under-served, left out in the dark and even ignored with an endless barrage of pay-to-play, complicated fantasy and betting products. We've set out to create a completely free, zero-risk platform that is simple and easy, has a low education barrier, yet still with real cash prizes up for grabs (cue my brand partner background). We launched on November 1, 2018, and so far have great traction. We're on track for 10,000 installs in month one, retention's at 50%+ on D1 and 35%+ on D7, and our typical user spends ten minutes/day in our app. We've also confirmed partnerships with Burger King and Motorola, have been accepted into Sportradar's Acceleradar program, and are in conversation with all major leagues and teams. We're constantly iterating the product based on user feedback, so please download, play and comment with your thoughts. Hopefully you win something in the process! You can catch me anytime at Cheers, Matt
Great idea! I wish I could win a lot of money and go abroad:))
very slick interface and navigation. great work Matt and team.
Congrats @mattybails! Love the app so far and has completely changed the way I watch sports.
What do you guys think about betting business ? I'm thinking about starting my own bookmaker . Now I am searching for information, found a company that offers software and full support for such a business - . How risky do you think it is?

Great app for any sports fan. Choosing picks is fast, and combined with watching the game it's a great experience


Quick and easy to make your picks / Adds excitement to the game


I haven't won yet ;)