Talk Trash Like a Boss

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I know a lot of friends that will be using this
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@kristofertm thanks and we hope they love it!
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Very excited to see our app here. GameOn!
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@albeckum stickers are great. Did you guys design it in-house or outsourced ?
Sweet way of merging messaging and content in a cool way. Stickers are sick. Will def follow the Super Bowl in GameOn with my friends since most of us can't be in the same place these days.
@herdingsheep what's your fav sticker?
@albeckum there are a lot of gems. DGAF Steve, Jabaal Sheard, Embiidjis, TJ Ward, Celebrity Pun Pack are some of the best tho
Our latest sticker packs make football talk great, you must have Snoop Dogg, Joe Montana, Ronnie Hillman, Lawyer Milloy & T.J. Ward packs for the big game.
Excited about this app. As a disclosure I am an investor in GameOn.