A place where you can find people to play video games with.

GameMatch is a place where you can find people to play video games with. Filter gamers by games, locations, languages, age and more!

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Hey Dan It would be better if we have an option `Online` to sort things better
@leovarmak Hello Karthik! I think that's a brilliant idea! There certainly needs to be a division between who's currently on the site and who isn't. If you have decided to join, please let me know so we can talk more! I'd love to know what you think.
@danvalderrama0 I am already there. Usually no one responds back to me :(
@leovarmak Ah I think I found you! I messaged you over there :)
Pretty limited game selection, but nice concept.
@domainoji Hey Shane! Thank you for you feedback. If you did decide to join, I would love to talk to you over there and add all the games you need. Have a good day.
It's an interesting idea. But this essentially just replaces traditional automatic matchmaking with a more manual process. Ultimately, even by using this tool, I'm still being matched up with someone who is entirely random that I have likely never met before - the only difference being I could talk with them prior to playing a game (presumably, I don't know if this service has a chat mechanism built in or not). I like the problem that is trying to be addressed here, but this could be taken so much further. Why not take a user's game stats from Steam, Xbox, Playstation, etc., their playing habits, their community reception (if they've been reported or not), etc., and use that to help them find other gamers who fall closely in line with all of those? If that's not the direction you are wanting to go with your service then I may just have to build that myself, because that would be a pretty solid replacement to manual LFGs.
@cole_parr_roe Hello Cole. I thank you for that deep and insightful analysis, it immediately shows me you've been here far longer than I have and that I still have much to learn. I find a lot of value in your words and your great ideas and I will certainly keep them in mind for the future.