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Juan Antonio Muñoz
  • Juan Antonio Muñoz
    Juan Antonio MuñozDeveloper of Video Games

    Bring you right to the center of the games


    It does not include Oculus or other VR Platforms

    Love the App. It has the titles in perfect order. Very easy to use. I dare to say that you must include Steam, Oculus and other VR Platforms. We must push new technologies.

    Juan Antonio Muñoz has used this product for one day.
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JaviMaker@ios_javi · Digital Comm Major. Aspiring PM.
Hey everyone! Don and I worked on an app to help Gamers find trending, new, and upcoming games. I was responsible for the design and Don worked his magic on the development. We'd love any feedback!
Maxim Campolo
Maxim Campolo@maxcampolo · Product Manager @
Hey @ios_javi looks pretty cool. What service is powering it?
Don Bytyqi
Don BytyqiMaker@donbytyqi · programmer since 1970
@ios_javi @maxcampolo We're using the Video Game Database API (IGDB). It's pretty easy to use, has over 100k games and their documentation is really good.
Markia Theus
Markia Theus@deleted-894424
Reminds me of, pretty cool!