A competitive shopping experience. Trivia with prizes.

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Like your landing, and am playing it.
This game is rad, I've already won three items since I started using it about a month ago!
This looks great, would love a sign up to be reminded when the Android version rolls out.
Obviously going in my Quizzing collection ( Played a couple games, initial thoughts: - Forms are a little clunky to use (no phone/email keyboard hinting, for example). - Non-sponsored quizzes lean towards the difficult side, which is expected and actually nice. (Trivia Crack always felt too easy.) - Sponsored quizzes are kinda... not very fun, with rare exception. Several have just been ripped straight from the product copy. If the video before the quiz is educational, and not just a product demo, it's a bit better. - There are in-app purchases, supposedly, but I haven't found them. If they're part of the monetization strategy, they should be a little obvious. (I'm not a huge fan of IAP, but if they're there, they're there.) - Okay prize blend, not much there I'd really fight for right now but a Pebble's a Pebble. And the quantity is good. Really alluring prizes would probably make for more competition, and thus more user "stickiness". - You gave me a raccoon. Bunnies love raccoons.
@hupf @hupfen The in app purchases aren't apparent until a challenge has ended, if you aren't the winner they will off you the item for 50% or 30% etc, depending on the place you came in for a certain amount of coins, if you don't have enough coins you can then buy them.