Gamee is a social network full of catchy games

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Bozena Rezab
Bozena RezabMaker@anestetica · Gamee
Hi guys, let me introduce Gamee. Gamee is the first social network full of mini games. It is like Instagram for games. Players can play directly from the feed, which reduces the friction of getting games installed. One click and you are in the game. Not sure what to play? On Gamee you see what your friends like, so you play what they play. People love challenging friend's high-scores, the best moment is a weekly release of a new game, people rush back and play. We have built Gamee for moments of fun anytime during the day. There are many who told us, they do not play games much and than fell in love with Gamee. It is just easy. Thanks to this, we have 3 million gameplays from all around the world, 2 months after launch. #WeQuitFakeFree We think in-app purchases have gone too close to gambling. On Gamee, this will never get in your way. Gamee business model is based on native ads. Now we are launching a closed beta program for HTML5 game developers, so that they can publish and monetise their games on Gamee. I would love to hear from you your thoughts around Gamee and if you have any ideas how to improve please let me know. If you’re developer who want to publish your games in Gamee please sent us email: Happy to answer your questions and looking forward to hear your thoughts. Thank you