Game42 Premium

9 fun party games in one

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Hey everyone, Game42 is back! :) The game was named one of 40 best iPad games in 2013 by CNET. It was removed off the AppStore because of the expiration of my old developer account. ... But now it's back! It has 9 fun board games in one app: 1- CARO: similar to Gomoku, a classic game, easy to play yet hard to master 2- CO GANH: a special Vietnamese traditional chess, will give you a lot of surprises while playing with friends 3- TILING: Make lines, get tiles. Looks familiar? Not really. Give it a try and you’ll love it 4- COLORING: Fill polygons, get points! Innovative gameplay from our designer! 5- REVERSI: Friends or Foes? 6- CHECKERS: Yet another great classic game. Who will be king? 7- CONQUER: Similar to Dots and Boxes. 8- CHESS: the classic chess game 9- TIC TAC TOE: Good game to play with your kids
The game used to achieve over 1 million downloads on the Appstore, and over 100K downloads on Google Play.