Game Play Color

Play Game Boy Color games on your iPhone and iPad

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Fun side project by a friend of mine - this enables you, rightful owner of old Game Boy Color ROMs, to play them on your iPhone/iPad. Its essentially taking the open-source Game Boy Online emulator, and makes it work well on the iPhone - see GitHub for the full source. As said, you'll need the ROMs, put them in your Google Drive - visit the emulator website on your phone - and it works (with sound!) 🎉
I get your point. Tried the product. It's really cool. Brings back old memories and not to mention it's super responsive considering how it works in the backend. Good job!
This is blowing my mind - thank you! Can't wait to relive my high school years. :D
It would have been so much better if there were some games built-in. Now I have to look for ROMs.
@notthatchirag It'd be great to be able to add games in there, but it's pretty difficult to do so legally. The main aim to give people a legitimate way to play these games. I guess you could include some open source / community games, but I figure most people are looking for things like Pokémon ;).