Game of Thrones Radio for Alexa

The best Thrones podcasts, streaming on your Alexa



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Saul Carlin
Saul CarlinMaker@saulcarlin · founder @scoutfm
Hi all! I'm Saul, one of the founders of Subcast. We're a team of ex-Google/Twitter/Medium folks working on a voice-first platform for spoken word media (podcasts, talk radio, audiobooks, etc). We think voice interfaces like Alexa can help us improve the parts of our lives when we aren't staring at or touching a screen, like when we're listening to something enriching, edifying, or entertaining. We're also huge Game of Thrones fans. So Mondays at the office tend to be dominated by discussion of the latest episode. A couple Mondays ago, someone suggested we just gather all of our favorite Thrones podcasts into a podcast radio station for Alexa and release it to the community. So here we are. Now anyone can spend hours and hours in Westeros long after the credits have rolled. We hope using the Alexa skill is as easy as putting on a Pandora station or even turning on the old-fashioned radio. You just tell Alexa to "play Game of Thrones radio" and she will start playing the latest episodes back-to-back. If you want to skip ahead to the next episode, just say "Alexa, next." No more hunting for podcasts, subscribing, downloading, etc. Hope you enjoy! Oh, and in case it isn't obvious, there WILL be spoilers! So listen at your own risk. :) Cheers, Saul
Samar Mustafa
Samar Mustafa@samar_ux · Founder of
Nice one. I may need to wait a bit using this Alexa skill until I caught up with latest series.