Game Changer

How augmented reality will transform the world of sports

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This is awesome. Super pumped to share this book that Matt, soon to graduate from Georgetown, has been working on for quite some time. Available for pre-order now, but comes out in less than 2 weeks (4/25)! Augmented reality (AR) technology will soon shape the future of our society and specifically the world of sports. After countless interviews with some of the field's most knowledgeable experts, Matthew Busel has distilled years of work and research to provide an easy-to-read primer on this emerging technology and its affect on the sports industry. Game Changer covers the startups and Fortune 500 companies poised to transform sports, delivering an inside look at the future of athletics. This cutting-edge book illuminates a path for athletes, coaches, broadcasters, advertisers, fans, and technologists looking for an edge. The multi-billion dollar sports industry is about to be disrupted. Don't be left behind.