Create Super Bowl props pools for your watch party

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Hey Product Hunters, I hope you're all getting excited for the Super Bowl this weekend! Wrapped up in all the #SB50 news you might have seen a headline or two about Super Bowl props--which are bets you can make on just about every aspect of the big game. Heads or tails on the coin toss? Who will have more touchdown passes, Peyton Manning or Cam Newton? Will there be a safety? You name it, there are odds on it. Well, our free-to-play sports betting app will let you get in on all the fun. Our latest updates to the platform make it really simple to set up sports pools with your friends / co-workers / Twitter followers etc., and with over 75 #SB50 props available, Gamblino is perfect for hosting a pool for your Super Bowl party. We made a quick 1 min video demo to show how it works:
I'll be hanging around all day today to answer any questions. Looking forward to hearing what you all think!
The real question is.... who is gonna put together a pool with me and get beat?
National anthem < 2 minutes. Coin flip heads. @CameronNewton perfect game no interceptions. #superbowl
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