Gambling Blocking Chrome Extension

Block gambling websites before you play.


Gambling Blocking Chrome Extension is a chrome extension that blocks gambling websites before you can play on them. It's fast, lightweight and catches 90% of websites immediately without requiring user interaction.

The database of blocked sites and keywords is growing by the day and we hope to be able to block 100% of websites within the year.

Would you recommend this product?
I don’t think that this kind of block will work. Evan children know how to turn it off. I need something more powerful because my wife has some problems with gambling and I need to block all online casinos. I found out that she plays on and i am trying to figure out how to block this website. Last month she spent 1200$ out of our family budget and i don’t want it to be more. Who do people even gamble nowadays? I understand that when you sit in a casino and play real casinos that is interesting but I can bet that all these online casinos are just scammers.