An AI tool that researches and summarizes any topic for you

Just type a URL or term you want to search for. If it is a URL, Gamayun will extract the text, read it, summarize it and present you with the summary.

If it isn't, Gamayun will search the web for it, read everything that can be found, summarize it and present you the summary, the original sources and the original texts.

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Hi All, I am the maker of Gamayun. Gamayun is also my entry for the Product Hunt Hackathon :) Some info that isn't in the description: From the first of January 2018, some of Gamayun's functionalities will be only available to premium users. Everyone that has subscribed before that will receive free premium access until first of April 2018. If you manage to find something that Gamayun can not find anything about, tweet it to @BirdOfKnowledge and you will receive one free month of premium access for 2018. Furthermore this will stack! For every meaningful entry that you search and Gamayun doesn't find any information, you will receive another month free premium access!!! If you have any questions, ideas, thought, feedback or anything else that you want to share, I would love to hear and discuss them :)
@birdofknowledge @k_ivanow I really like the idea behind this, would you consider adding a feature to narrow searches to a single language? I just ran a query and it showed me results in Italian which I can't decipher.
@birdofknowledge @abadesi Thank you for the idea. I will try to add it by the end of the week and let you know after :)
I love the idea behind the Bird of Knowledge! I've used and tested the platform since its development phase. I am happy to see this idea live and I am more than positive that with its continuous improvement, Gamayun will be my favorite platform to use for topic summarization.
Seems interesting but feels like it needs more work to be a useful quick and useful tool. For example I did a search for "Lee Konitz Live at the Half Note" since I wanted to get a summary of the album and whatever information the tool could find. The results came back as "Sorry, but I could find anything" (yes it said 'could'). Simply doing a Google search for the same thing pulls up a Wikipedia page, which is part of Gamayun's summaries, various other links, a video, etc. If this tool could pull a summary and other interesting content it could find all into the results I could see this being a really fun and useful tool.
@overeasyplease Sorry about the grammar mistake. It is fixed now. Yes, there is a lot more work that needs to be done, as it is mentioned in the about - it is an entry for the Product Hunt Global Hackathon and Beause of that, was build in less than a month. Most of it is about finding more and better information and making it as quick as possible. Those two things, with some ideas from the users will be my focus for the near future.
Hi @k_ivanow. Though the idea looks good the results are not great. If given some article to summarize, it picks up some of the important lines from it, which necessarily does not summarize it nor were the most important lines. To check just try it with any good medium article. I tried it with this article The result does not make any sense.
Looks great!! Will try it out 😊