Product Hunt for indie games

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I've been following Gamamia (an Assembly project) for a while. They've been distributing a weekly email digest of indie games, not so different from how I started Product Hunt.
@rrhoover Awesome, I just found out about them and it's looking rad!
Hey there! I'm one of the cofounders of Gamamia. This is pretty unexpected to be on PH so soon, theres a lot of stuff we wanted to get done beforehand! Would be happy to answer anyone's questions!
I've joined the project on Assembly a couple of days ago trying to help with some design, so far the project has been incrementally improving at a very fast pace, and way more is coming soon! Gamamia is indeed PH for games, but since games are a whole different beast, it will also have a set of its own features which I think are gonna be awesome when it comes to finding great new indie games. Enjoy!
Awesome work so far folks! As someone who has spent time in the independent game development sphere, this will be very useful. Like Product Hunt, be sure to put in a ton of effort into curating a great community to help grow this thing. We need more discovery channels! How did you guys come up with that name? It's a bit painful to read/say. Why did you choose to limit it to independent games? I do understand the desire to help indie devs, but at the end of the day I'm a gamer & I want to find great games. Keep moving & best of luck! P.S. More thoughts for that to-do list (fully aware that it's early): Add a signal for items that are in early access. It would be slick to have an area for game jammers out there. Would be nice to have the platform markers more noticeable (& even a way to discard certain platforms).
@xmcgraw Thank you for your Feedback! A filter for platforms is already planned. Early access and the Platform markers are good points too thanks.
@xmcgraw Thanks! so far we've gotten a pretty positive reaction from the community. Ahh yes the name, haha, so it's "technically" pronounced like Mamma Mia. I kind of meant Gamamia, to mean "my game". I say " technically" because I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who pronounces it that way, everyone seems to pronounce it differently, but I kind of like that. We don't think of it as limiting but rather focusing on the indie game community. Indie game devs rarely have large if any marketing budgets so they do their own marketing and they're often very involved with their users and we wanted to facilitate that dev-player discussion while bringing their hard work into the spotlight. I think if we were to open up to AAA's we'd have to rethink some things. Sorting by platform is definitely something we're working on, we've had an overwhelming request for it from the community and we've actually planned for it since the beginning. Ahh! I'd love to see game jams putting up their stuff and I'd love to host one for Gamamia at RIT! Thanks for the feedback, hope I've answered everything!
@achangeofcoast Great stuff! Thanks!
I have already found two great games using gamamia. Definitely a good website I am going to be subscribed to.
@pksunkara that's awesome to hear!