Gallery Doctor 2.0

Instantly identify the bad & similar photos on your phone

#2 Product of the DayJuly 30, 2015
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Thanks for hunting us, @benln The idea for Gallery Doctor actually came about when we did a little digging with MyRoll and realized that most users have on average 2GB worth of bad or similar photos on their device. Nobody likes excess baggage these days, especially if it makes it harder to find our awesome pictures. That’s why we created Gallery Doctor - it allows you to instantly identify your bad & similar photos that are clogging up storage on your iPhone or iCloud. No more endless scrolling through your camera roll in search of the good stuff. We’ve got 100 promo codes to give away to hunters that want to try Gallery Doctor for iPhone for free. Give us a shout at and we’ll hook you up with one. Shoutout to the awesome MyRoll team (@omri_aloni / @etgalim / @shemag8 / @b0tnik / @adiashk) for putting this together so quickly. Hunters, gatherers, friends - what do you think of Gallery Doctor? Where can we improve? Ron
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@ronch great going! Just catching up on my Hunts and so thrilled to see this voted up highly here.
Hey hunters! As @ronch mentioned - shoot me an email at and we'll get you hooked up with a promo code. Omri
@omri_aloni great product idea. Would love to try out. Do u still have promo codes to shell out? Sent an email just now
Good stuff @ronch. Just deleted a lot of photos, thanks for this cool tool :)
@benln thanks man!
@benln Thanks! Free hugs if you're in the neighborhood, too. No need for a promo code ;)
Looking good! I have some phobia of deleting photos, so I end up filling my 16GB iPhone pretty quickly (it's not that hard). You guys freed substantial amount of similarly dark and blurry photos I could live without. Thanks :)
@eyalyavor Thanks Eyal! That's what we're here for :)
I've actually been looking for something like this for a while (with no luck). Does it also identify duplicate photos? I had a problem with iCloud that has duplicated so many of my photos 2/3 times so would be great if this could help with that
@imscott Yes! Gallery Doctor instantly identifies all of your similar photos (near-duplicates) and even points out the best picture from each group so you don't have to think *too* hard about which one to keep :)
@omri_aloni Great! I'm guessing all the promo codes have gone? I did email earlier but happy to pay :D
@imscott Scott - check your inbox ;)