Free photography portfolio generator

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Hey! Creator of Gallery here :) I built this to allow photographers create a free photography portfolio. Since this runs on top of Github pages, you'd need a bit of git knowledge to host your own. Would love to hear any comments or feedback on this side project :) Here's a demo:
@doog thanks Pat :)
Looks really nice, and very simple to set up. Here's mine. I think I took more time digging out a few photos than I did on setting up the gallery.
@frassmith Looks great! I really like your urban shots :)
Really great idea. I’ve always wondered why there aren’t more of these types of gallery generators. Great work! It’s critical you get a full screen view for each photo. Basic expectation for a visitor of a photo gallery.
@trevin Great idea! I'll add this as a TODO, would love to have this as a feature eventually :)