Galeri turns your Mac's background into an art exhibit.

Galeri is an open source, perpetual artwork streaming machine.

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Perfect! A great app if you like art and even use Muzie on your phone
Not working unfortunately. Also, it looks the app's size is 50M. It's a lot for a simple app that changes your background.
@technologix Thanks for the feedback! If you're up for giving a more in-depth response for what exactly occurred when you downloaded I've set up reporting at
@technologix Additionally, if you're curious, the app uses a framework called electron, which allows for rapid prototyping of ideas (this is so far a one person project) but unfortunately contains a full chrome runtime environment for UI when downloaded, hence the large size.
Love PH for projects like this!
@godisacomputer I just installed. Awesome!
Hi all, project creator here! This idea was pretty experimental when I released it about two years ago, and since momentum and interest didn't really rise I haven't been updating it as much as I would like to. That being said, I've recently considered giving it a version bump with some bugfixes and a few enhancements, and upon discovering that someone decided to post it here and that it's been getting a little love I think I've been pushed over the edge. I'd love to continue hearing any feedback; this idea was born simply out of the love of discovering art and I'd love to get back into refining it with external input and ideas.