Galen Framework

Automated testing of look and feel for your responsive app

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Layout testing seemed always a complex task. Galen Framework offers a simple solution: test location of objects relatively to each other on page. Using a special syntax and comprehensive rules you can describe any layout you can imagine :)
Hi, I am a creator of Galen Framework. It is a free and open-source framework for look and feel testing of websites. The reason I've built this framework is I wanted to have a stable and maintainable solution for testing responsive layouts on different screen sizes as well as doing cross-browser visual testing. And I wanted to accomplish all of this without image comparison, in a way where I would describe how the website should look like in some human-readable form. The fundamental idea behind this framework - you should be able to write visual tests and apply Test-Driven Development technique for Web. That is why it has its own language for expressing the look and feel of the user interface. Galen Framework is based on Selenium and currently works only for websites. But potentially it could be also extended in future for testing any graphical user interfaces (e.g. desktop or mobile native applications)
One important thing to add: at the moment there is a lot of work going on new version 2.0 with new specs language implementation which allows to perform much more advanced visual testing. Here is a small preview of the new language and some of its capabilities
Does it work with phantomjs?