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#4 Product of the DayJune 18, 2017
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Kai Sassnowski
Kai SassnowskiMaker@warsh33p · Hi, I build web apps. Nice to meet you.
Hi ProductHunters, aims to be your all-in-one app tu push your musical practice to the next level. It consolidates all the different tools you need for an effective practice session like a metronome, a timer and an organized practice routine. As you practice, Gaishan will keep track of your progress. The next time you practice an exercise the metronome as well as the timer will already be set up to the correct values so you can just start practicing. Of course there are also exercises which are not tracked by speed. For this, Gaishan offers a log book that allows you to keep notes for each exercise. Gaishan is actively being developed and I want the community to have a say in the features that should be added next. For this reason I will create an open roadmap shortly for the community to vote on. I hope that Gaishan can help you become a better musician.
Susanne Anders
Susanne Anders@skankinpenguin · musicologist
@warsh33p Looks very neat. Can't wait to try it – when my injured thumb is healed up... 👍
Wesley Forlines
Wesley Forlines@wesleyforlines · Maker at FormFunc.
Looks very basic right now but I love where the idea is going. For me, iPhone support plus integrated guidance for different instruments would be fantastic. I could also see a teacher/student interface where teachers could assign things to their students. Great work!
Alex Bauer
Alex BauerHiring@alexdbauer · Product Marketing —
Very interesting tool! Rather than simply tracking actions, I'd love to see this be more 'opinionated' in guiding users through what educational research supports as effective practice strategies.
Lee Ming-yeung
Lee Ming-yeung@tslmy · A student.
Gaishan means "to improve" in Chinese... Thought this was a optimization tool. :P Great work Kai.
Lee Ming-yeung
Lee Ming-yeung@tslmy · A student.
Oh it literally means "to improve". Sorry for not reading the landing page :P
Michelle Grant
Michelle Grant@migratwit · Sales Manager, GoodTech
Nice. Are you planing to do mobile versions?
Kai Sassnowski
Kai SassnowskiMaker@warsh33p · Hi, I build web apps. Nice to meet you.
@migratwit not initially. I tried to make the site look good on mobile devices, however, since that's how I assume most people will use it.