Protein powder tailored specifically to you

Protein powder tailored specifically to your body type and fitness goals
With a simple quiz, Gainful makes it easy to get a personalized formula for your protein supplement.
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I expect to see a lot more personalized foods/supplements like this over the next few years.
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Ran across Gainful this morning and was compelled by the idea of personalized protein nutrition, design, and overall execution of this product. Ordered my first bag and looking forward to taste-testing.
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Team up with a gut biome test or 23/me style and thats something serious ;)
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@gauthier_le_meur my personal trainer have is own branded supplements. They are amazing supplements but Goddess, the package is soooo ugly. I'm not a minimalist aficionado, but I can't help but wonder, why they do put all these useless graphic designs and details on the packages?!
@chad_piatek Definitely something that's on our minds :)
@ericjswu1 Also a thought , You may find interesting is teaming up with college and pro sporting teams to create "custom" blends for their players. Great for the brand and would show free from crazy ingredients :).
@chad_piatek Such a good idea! Something we've tried and found it difficult in front of the true decision makers at big name colleges + pro sports teams. Granted, we could have tried harder...perhaps time to revisit!
@ericjswu1 Have you tried working with club sports or smaller leagues pro lacrosse just got a new league started this year and pro ultimate, most of the time they are student ran and they have reputable leagues such as MCLA, I played for Colorado U a couple years ago and we used to have many different deals and sponsors reach out to us. utilizing these leagues with promotions for the student athletes could build your base up a ton and give you credibility when working with the Athletic programs. Also work with the Strength and conditioning programs first than the front office because they will sell the value... Just a thought on the top of my head tho haha
Would be good if the site content was localised, having me convert kg to lb isn't helpful.
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@fabiancook Hi Fabian! Good point! We'll be sure to adapt to local measurements – this is something we're lagging behind on since we don't quite yet have a supply chain set up to ship outside of the US. We'll put it on the to-do list! Lastly, all our serving sizes are listed in grams (30 grams per scoop, for the most part). Each of our bags contains 908 grams (roughly 2 pounds) – hope that's helpful :)
Ran through the Gainful questionnaire twice picking different answers for both, interestingly the blend is exactly the same in both cases, and arrrrrgh, one of the ingredients is Stevia. It's a personal thing, but I cannot stand the aftertaste from Stevia. Why not use Xylitol instead?
@mark_thompson5 Hi Mark! Strange to hear about your experience with the quiz – mind shooting me an email at so I can look into this for you? Lastly, we have the option to remove stevia from any and every blend – if you send me a note I can do this for you in a heartbeat :)