Navigate, track, and explore with Gaia GPS. Millions of people worldwide have used Gaia GPS to hike, hunt, camp, ski, and explore the backroads.
Gaia GPS has been featured in countless publications, including Outside, Backpacker, Trail Runner and the NYT.
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The best GPS / maps app used by all serious outdoor enthusiasts.
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Gaia is fantastic. If you overland or wilderness camp, it’s simply amazing having it open on an iPad in the vehicle.
Been using this for years. It is by far the best outdoor mapping/GPS app and the product keeps getting better.

I use GaiaGPS mostly for longer backpacking trips.


Really great for mapping out a hike on your laptop, then pulling up the maps and routes on your phone while you're out and about.


Limited Android App, missing many features I grew to love on the iPhone. (Like showing distance remaining on route)