Find people and plan together for your next adventure

GAFFL helps travelers and adventurers to find others who are planning to go to the same destinations at the same time and plan trips together in a group.

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This is exciting! I love to travel and I don't always find companions to join on my schedule. Great move.
Thank you so much, @nickilaycoax! If there is anything we can do to make it better for you, please let us know anytime! We absolutely love to hear ideas and suggestions!
Hi @akibamin and @shakilmahmoodbd, please tell us more GAFFL -- when did you start building and why? Thanks
Hi @abadesi, thank you. Would love to share a little bit about our journey. The idea of GAFFL first came to my mind at Dubai Airport, when I was waiting in a long layover for more than 12 hours. It was super boring. There were thousands of people around me. So I thought about building a product, where people would be able to find other like-minded individuals who will be at the same airport layover at the same time and plan things out in a group! As I traveled more and more, I felt the same problem while I was traveling and exploring outdoors as well. Facebook groups/Subreddits are a good resource for info! But the resources to find others to travel and especially explore outdoors together were scarce. Meetup does a good job for locals in many places but how do I find someone exploring Glacier National Park in Winter! On July 2016, while I was hiking a mountain in Colorado on my own, I got lost. I was lucky and I got out safe but that moment when I was lost, I felt something that is really hard to explain. After that event, while I was driving back home, I made up my mind that I would start GAFFL. The most amazing thing was, layovers/traveling cities/exploring outdoors these were all just categories. The main idea is simple! If I want to go somewhere (eg. Alaska) and find some people who will be there at the same timeline with me and also looking for others, I can plan in a group with them and explore Alaska together. When I shared the idea with my childhood friend Shakil, he was immediately on board and we started building it in November 2016. Later Abrar and Mithu joined us as well. We first launched GAFFL 1.0 in May 2016 and then GAFFL 2.0 in January 2017. Let us know what you like the most in GAFFL and if there is anything we can do to make it better for you. Thank you!