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#3 Product of the DayNovember 06, 2016
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Big thanks to @andrewett from the amazing PH-team for the hunt! With users & media attention from all over the world Gaddr has grown a lot. We are now super excited to introduce: Gaddr FEEDS. View & toggle between your favourite social feeds in seconds. All your feeds and profiles in one place. Super charge your social routine! ( P.s Android users: Check out the VIP-functionality on other user’s profiles 😉 ) One username & app for everything, with billions of profiles to explore. 130+ platforms supported, and counting. For questions about Gaddr’s future or server overload, let us know! We’ll reply in the comments & on / Our genuine vision is to solve the biggest problem in social media. How to find & keep track of everything. This will be amazing! / Francisco & The Gaddr Team
Used Gaddr for some months now and had some great use of it already (both personal and for my business). It's a social media game changer. Really interesting to see how the team improve the app every single day and will be mega fun to see further developments of Gaddr. Also fun to see another successful Swedish startup. Great work team Gaddr 👍
@mkaroumi Thank you ! We've worked really hard to bring even greater value to Gaddr. In what ways have you used this personally and in your business? Would love to hear how you have used it!
I spent some time working close to the Gaddr team, and it's awesome to see the culmination of all their hard work and passion live. It's very inspiring to see your startup evolving and improving constantly, Gaddr Feeds is a great next step! Good job guys 👍
@theorioli Ah yes thank you! We really see this as a great next step for Gaddr as a platform. It has been so nice bringing this out
@theorioli Thanks Adriano! 👌
Will be super convenient having all my feeds collected in one place and saving time not having to jump around different feeds in different apps, to be able to get a overview! Awesome!
@harun_poljo Thank you! We really see this as the solution to the problem of over-flooding social media feeds. In which ways do you see this being of use for brands and influencers?
@mrfransandre Right now brands and influencers have to post to multiple different social medias, if they see that a majority of their followers is on the same social media platforms, then they can choose to focus more on certain platforms! And then maybe they don´t will have to automate posting on different social platforms at the same time, which will make brands more human plus that they don´t post inappropriate things when there has been some disaster for example terrorist attack or natural disaster
@harun_poljo Ah yes! A lot of the brands that use Gaddr have a similar approach to it, seems like Gaddr hit a spot there! We've really seen a lot of creative ways brands have been using us it the latest, You can read more about it on where we routinely do interviews with industry experts & active Gaddr partners!
I think this is a game-changer for real. Gaddr is changing the way we gather and interact when it comes to social media. I've been using it since launch and It's incredible how easy it is to find and come in contact with different interesting individuals on so many social media platforms at once. Not to mention this startup has one of the most humble and wonderful CEOs I've ever met. I wish the Gaddr team good luck in the future and I hope to see new positive growth (y)
@simonrisberg Thank you! Gaddr Feeds can really save a lot of time and we feel it is a good addition to the platform. Glad to hear that you've been making good use of your Gaddr username! Are there any particular scenarios in which Gaddr has been extra useful?
@simonrisberg Thanks Simon! 👍🏼👍🏼