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Happy to be back here on Product Hunt Thank you for the hunt Jack! Gaddr has now grown to a global phenomenon with tens of thousands of influencers, brands and creators from all over the world. Because of that we are proud to announce Gaddr Clubs! Gaddr is making it easy for your followers to find your unified identity, but also to build your community and your revenue. Our global user base can now share content with selected audiences and their fans. Behind the scenes posts, early access or simply exclusive content for your selected audience. You control of who sees and can do what inside your club and can make money on all content you post. Everything from podcasts, videos, writing or for sharing inspiration and driving brand loyalty programs. As an influencer, business owner or freelancer with a follower base of 100k on Twitter / Instagram / Youtube, you can here make an avg. of $4 000 per month. You can now also organize both people and posts into lists & collection. For feed curation and inspiration. Follow other peoples lists or collections to get automated curation from our global users while fighting both fake-news and echo chambers. Learn more about clubs: Grab visuals for your identity: Your entire identity in one place. Billions of people & endless posts. Driving community & relationships.
@mrfransandre will there be a posting box on the home feed that lets users post to a club directly from their main feed like twitter does?
@adam2453 I'm glad to see that you want to make the most from your Gaddr! Si, we are fine-tuning this and will make it available within the next 24-30 hours. You will be able to post into any one of your clubs straight from the home feed. Making it easier to grow your community & content revenue.
@mrfransandre awesome thanks!
@adam2453 Thank you! So much Club Value. Create one and start to grow!
@mrfransandre @adam2453 Relevant question! πŸ‘Š πŸ’―
Really interesting with the group feature. Solves a lot of problems with FB groups. Keep up the good work πŸ‘
@mkaroumi Ah yes, I'm happy you enjoy using Clubs! I assume you will use it for your community building, but it is also useful for making money from the content you create per month! Enjoy
@mkaroumi Thanks Marcus! πŸ™Œ Fun to see you're into it
Lists and Collections have made life much easier! No more spending long hours surfing the web for that 'one' something that I am looking for! Great that I can follow other's lists/collections and get info on exactly what I am looking for! Thank you!
@surabhi_mishra ❀️️
It's amazing how Lists and Collections can give the users an infrastructure to curate, inspire and succeeds in creating a democratized and fun way of exploring social content.
I enjoy this tradition we have of gaining PH's take on Gaddr products!