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Hi Product Hunters! So great to be here, huge shoutout to @_jacksmith for hunting us! Our goal is to solve the biggest problem in social media: how to find & keep track of everyone. Not only for people with a lot of social profiles, like influencers, brands & networkers but all of us that use and love our digital profiles be it Twitter, Runkeeper, Twitch , Instagram or xBox. We are aiming for this to be the new standard. It’s a jungle out there, Gaddr cleans it up! One search for all usernames & one username for all profiles. Today All Product Hunters get first dibs on your universal username just as you want it to be!! We can’t wait for you to start using the upcoming updates as well, we have a lot of features and improvements in store. Me and the team are happy to answer any and all questions and feedback Ask us here or shoot questions directly at francisco@gaddr.me. Now make sure to claim your Gaddr-name in the app and make your digital presence forever silky smooth! Cheers, Francisco www.gaddr.me/francisco
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@mrfransandre great app and love how easy it is to find all peoples profiles. Think this will become really useful, at least for me! Ps.Claimed username @m 😉😁
@mkaroumi @m Smooth... ! ;) Make sure to have people Gaddr you the easy way from now on then, instead of having to always hand out all your other usernames! (Y)
@mrfransandre I will, so smart! 👍
@mrfransandre @_jacksmith @gaddr great product! Love the ease of use and the design. Good luck you guys!! :))
@robert_roflcopter @_jacksmith @gaddr Thank you, we're glad you love it! Don't forget to Gaddr me as well (@francisco) to get all my profiles :)
I see Gaddr good potential in B2B like influencer marketing. Any vision to expand this into B2B like finding influencers for brands?
@kzynakamura Ah yes, you get it! We have received a very big interest from both influencers and brands in these regards. So yes - we are solving this problem for this audience as well :)
Very cool, it works!
@nivo0o0 It passed the final test! 🎉
I literally discussed about this idea with my friends just days ago. Haha. Can you explain a bit of the tech part of this? Do you scrape sites beforehand so when users search on your site, it only searches in your database, or do you do the search real time?
It's nice but there's so many services such this one.
@dimablover There are several things that we've put big focus on that really sets us apart from services trying to be similar. Gaddr makes itself useful from the very first minute as you can instantly both search amongst billions of usernames on the spot as well as create a unified profile. You only have to hand out ONE username from now on (it does not matter which one of your usernames it is). Regardless if others are already on Gaddr, they can find you anywhere - and you can find them. We support more than 100+ different personal profiles ( Youtube, Paypal, xBox & Twitch as well as Snapchat, Tinder & Pinterest.) And the most important part: "Gaddr me" is something that people actually seems to want to say and use, which is something we're extremely proud of - that makes it sociable and traction-friendly :) I recommend you get the app and try it out in action! Claim your universal username. Thank's for your feedback! :D
@mrfransandre Thanks for your replay. Good luck with your project!
@dimablover Thank you, it is really looking good for Gaddr!