Express yourself through your avatar in Augmented Reality

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  • abhijeet
    abhijeetLead Engineer

    Simple to use & very fast

    You can also add your voice to video


    sometimes beard selfie is not matching exactly

    Its fun to use & share.

    I created some avatars & dance around company promotional material. Its so easy to create and share.

    abhijeet has used this product for one day.
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lucas.bouyouxMaker@lucasbouyoux · CEO & Co-Founder at Gabsee
Thanks so much @sanemavcil for hunting us. Months of work and play has gone into this. So great to see that you are enjoying playing with the app. It’s in beta for now aka still WIP. But we wanted to run our vision by you, to see if what has been driving us would make for a fun experience - unleashing the authentic You. The beauty of communication nowadays is that we can share, see, hear, experience what our friends are living, in that moment. But what about the emotions, the feels? We want to allow you to push the boundaries of self-expression, to go beyond sharing what you’re doing to showing how you’re feeling, in that moment, with your close ones, using avatar-based mixed reality. What we do, what we see, what we wear isn’t a perfect indication of what makes us who we are. That’s a side of ourselves we rarely let people see or can rarely express in day to day life. With our avatar-based mixed reality platform, we want to give you the power to truly express yourself, no matter where you are or who you’re with. To unleash your authentic self. You’re in class, your friend sends you a hilarious joke. Laughing = out of the question. With Gabsee, you can send a quick few second video with your avatar, sitting on the teacher’s desk, doubling over in laughter, tears running down its face. It’s 3pm on a Thursday, you’re at work & you can’t wait to join your friends in Cancun in just 24 hours. Your avatar is in a sombrero, sipping on a Corona, sitting in your office chair. Life, expressed. Or for the long-distance lovers who are forced to go to Valentine’s Day parties, without their BAE… Your avatar will be sitting on the couch, either be sick from all the Sweetie’s or have a big ol’ beating heart, wishing their better half was with them. No more selfie sticks… no more checking yourself 50 times before sending a video… with your avatar, you live IRL, unleashed, with Gabsee. We would love to have your feedback about our beta and our vision, whether it speaks to you. Your friends love you for who you are, so why not share just that with those that filter, no editing, just you, in avatar form.
Rhai@rhaivimies · Pulling the future forward @Sounds_app 🚀
@lucasbouyoux Bitmoji can go home.
Maxwell Nelson
Maxwell Nelson@maxwell_nelson · CMO
@lucasbouyoux @sanemavcil This is amazing. Please add a haircut for guys that's long with no bangs!
Max Ade
Max Ade@adesome · Wilbur Labs, Ex-Googler
This is going viral in my friend group
Arthur Pernot
Arthur PernotMaker@arthur110491 · Co-founder at Gabsee
@adesome Thanks, really glad that you like it !
Jeremy Melul
Jeremy Melul@jmelul · CEO & co-founder, JOGABO
Snapchat just got old #micdrop
Arthur Pernot
Arthur PernotMaker@arthur110491 · Co-founder at Gabsee
@jmelul awwwyeah! thank you so much buddy 👊🏼
Carlos Diaz
Carlos Diaz@carlosdiaz · Startup Therapist aka VC
I know the guys, kick-ass team! They are definitely onto something. This is not just a gadget, I am sure teens are going to become gabsholic...
Arthur Pernot
Arthur PernotMaker@arthur110491 · Co-founder at Gabsee
@carlosdiaz You really help us ! We are very thankful to you
Emmanuel Darmon
Emmanuel Darmon@emmanueldarmon · Product Manager & UX/UI Designer
Love this app. Awesome way to share emotions with friends. The UX is super simple and intuitive. Good job!
Arthur Pernot
Arthur PernotMaker@arthur110491 · Co-founder at Gabsee
@emmanueldarmon Amazing, thanks man. Let's rock it!