Carry-on luggage that's feature packed w/ all-terrain wheels

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Hey everyone. I'm hunting this because two years ago my friend @kenhertz told me all about the carry-on luggage that he'd been dreaming up for a while. Since then he's been hard at work with a talented team to make the best carry-on possible, and as a frequent traveler I'm pretty stoked. It just hit Kickstarter and was funded in about 6 hours, now at 3x its goal two days later. Normally I wouldn't just shill for my friends, but that's not what this is—this design finally makes me think there's a better carry-on to be had…and it's coming.
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@mg rad. and Matt, fwiw this is the perfect intro comment for something on PH. Anyone looking to launch something on PH should take note.
Also, after watching the video, all I could think was "man, it's pretty cool when you take a really talented designer and give him/her the time to attack a super old, non-sexy problem." We need more of that.
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thank you both. although i have spent most of my life helping other people bring their dreams to fruition, this is a first for me - and it has been a LONG road. As someone much smarter than me said recently, "innovation starts with empathy." I feel your pain. Ask me anything!!
Fantastic design! It's amazing nobody thought of this before. Another problem with small wheels is they break often. I would love to see a roller version with four wheels. After switching from a two wheel carry on to a four wheel roller carry on, I think it might be difficult to switch back. I can imagine two smaller wheels opposite the big all terrain wheels. This way you could roll through airports and pull over terrain once you leave the airport.
@stephenchip agreed. there is only one reference to this in the "features" video, but the bag is actually stabilized when upright by four small spindles on the bottom of the bag. these spindles are intended to allow the bag to spin in place and roll "straight" on a smooth airport floor. we are refining this element and hoping to accomplish what you describe. it is not easy to make this durable and functional, but this would be a delightful feature of the final design. stay tuned.
Small wheels are the worst part of even the best suitcases. This is great.