Build amazing spatial photos with your iPhone

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@daualset also Bubbli which was acquired by Dropbox ~month ago.
@daualset Ah, Seene! I knew I saw something like this before but I couldn't remember the name
@daualset Our colleagues at Seene are doing a fabulous job too! It's really cool to see new digital media formats being implemented in various shapes and flavors. 2D flat images are great, and have been improving our lives for 100+ years. We even elevated photography to a form of art (there's good photos that sell for as much as a good painting I hear), which is really awesome. But there's some really neat stuff that we can do with computers these days in the space of computational photography... being able to infer 3D data from a sequence of 2D images has been a dream come true. And we're just scratching the surface!
Oh wow. The comparison with the panorama is so obviously better, I can see it being baked into the next gen of phones.
Wow. Amazingly wow. Just recorded some awesome Fyuses. Can't share them because I'm using iOS 8 but that's my own fault. Really looking forward to being able to post them, this looks so awesome! Does the Fyuse team take investment in the form of cupcakes?
@thetylerhayes Some of us do :) Thanks for the kind words.
Awesome! I'd love to see this being integrated in other apps. Is licensing one of the business models you think about?
@aroettl Yup. Please talk to us at team@fyu.se if you're interested. Thanks!