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Heya, Product hunters! One of the guys behind FYTNS here. We built the app to conveniently find cool, diverse workouts. On the other hand we're also developing a suite of tools for our trainers to help them manage their business. We're currently available in the SF city area. It's our first app. All your feedback (and requests for new sports/trainers) are belong to us. (:
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How are you guys different from Vint? http://www.producthunt.com/posts...
@nikunj a couple of things from what I can tell: a) they seem to have a p2p model for their trainers b) their pricing (subscription focus) c) they are from Sweden and we're.. oh wait.. :) Truthfully our products work in similar ways and we probably have very similar goals and ambitions. At least that's my interpretation.
@bjorntastic from the trainer side, what is their advantage using Fytns vs. working in a gym? Also - any plans for people to sign up for a weekly workout at a cut rate?
@TimDalrymple Money and freedom! Gyms take a massive rake, generally 50-70%, which we think is way too much. But until now most trainers don't have any other options. Our trainers keep >90% of the money spent on the workouts. We think that's a more fair distribution based on who is actually doing most of the work. And then of course trainers who work with us have the freedom to choose their own hours. Regarding your second question, we have lots of ideas on how to change the pricing options. We want customers (and trainers) to be able to choose and customize it more freely, e.g. discounts like you mention!
The quality of the app and the guys building it are tip top. Check this thing out.
When do you guys launch in LA ?
@kar2905 next year! We have a ton of ideas to implement into the app & also gotta get on that Android version... But LA is definitely one of the first cities we'll go to after SF