Fyle Lite

Free, effortless expense reports for everyone

Fyle Lite provides intuitive, effortless receipt tracking and easy expense reports. This free offering sports Fyle's top-rated email plugins, and the mobile apps feature the newly released automatic receipt scanning - And allows unlimited receipt tracking and expense reports.

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15 Reviews5.0/5

I just used it and filed away $xxx in expenses within 5m. I didn't even realize I had so much pending to file :D. Fyle auto-filled the fields, I had to fill only couple which were custom invoices. Fyle also reminded me when I had filed a receipt already - so I didn't double file something.

The mobile app is also simple, take a pic, fill some fields, move on...

Expense filing is a new problem for me - had a corp card in the past. This looks like something my accountant will like!


Just found out I had $xxx outstanding that I hadn't filed. In 5m. Hmmm


Doesn't pay me automatically :D

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Thanks @prasanna_says! We will raise a new round to fix the cons.
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Hi hunters 👋 I am Pratik and I do all things product at Fyle :) Super kicked to be here, thanks for hunting us, Kevin! Over the last one year, we saw that a bulk of folks signing up for our product were actually employees who wanted an easier way to claim their expenses. They loved how easy it was to track receipts and submit expense reports on time with Fyle, but there was a problem - There were a whole lot of features for business admins which were irrelevant for employees. Addressing this need, we decided to scoop out all the good stuff for employees and build a product and experience exclusively for them - Fyle Lite. It's free-of-cost to maximise delivery of the Fyle experience to our target market, and to get enough feedback for crafting even better experiences. Our team has worked relentlessly to ship this MVP in almost no time, and now that we are here on PH, we expect great deal of feedback, ideas and learnings for our coming sprints. Do check out the product and let us know your thoughts, eager to hear back :) Cheers, Pratik
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Personally often struggled with filing reimbursements. Filing them from a email plugin is one of the quickest ways to do it. Thoughtful design and a very neat job team.
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Great job guys. Nice solution for real problem
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Thanks for hunting us Kevin. I am the guy who breaks builds at Fyle. Please do give it a try - bouquets and brickbats are both welcome!
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