One-click business expense management inside gmail

Fyle offers one - click expense management right inside Gmail and Outlook. Fyle helps people autocapture expense details like Currency, Amount, Merchant, Category, Tax, ID along with the receipt with a single click process.

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Hi Folks! I’m one half of the founding team at Fyle and am responsible for all the build breaks. We’re super-excited to share Fyle with the PH community. Thanks to Kevin for hunting us! Fyle was born out of addressing a personal frustration. I was on the road most of the time and had no clue about my professional expenses. There were many times where I lost money because of the sheer pain involved in submitting my claims to my company. All the apps I tried expected me to be disciplined and the reality was, setting aside a Sunday afternoon going through a mountain of invoices to get my money back. We wanted Fyle to work for undisciplined folks like us. So we built a chrome extension which sits on top of your gmail. Fyle uses fancy-pants AI algorithms to extract amount, merchant and category information and saves everything with a single click. We’re offering Product Hunt users an exclusive 2 months free usage. We’re here if you have any questions. Please do share your advice and ideas on how we can improve Fyle! Thanks, Siva
Great work guys! We used it for our year end expense filing and it worked like a charm :)
@jindalish Thanks for your appreciation ! Our team loves it :-)
Very Dope🚬🚬 I can see tying this into so may things
@dredurr thanks for the appreciation!
Really well thought out and super convenient to use ->use it for tracking all my business related expenses. Well done guys! Is this a pure business product or any plans to venture into letting users track and plan all personal expenses as well?
Thanks @abhishekmadhavn ! We are currently focussing on business expenses, having said that a lot of our users find it convenient to track personal expenses as well. As a product, we would look at the personal finance use case in the future.
simplest in the category i have used so far. fyle works as advertised and keeps getting better.