Secure yourself in this device-driven modern life

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Fyde is the free app that secures the device-driven modern life.

Whether you’re banking, shopping, sharing photos, working or dating, Fyde protects your personal information from prying eyes and greedy thieves.

Fyde blocks phishing, smishing, and other account takeover attacks before they steal your info.

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Evert@3v3rt · PhD, Neuropsychologist, TQ Member
Is It a VPN? Is it an ad blocker? What is it?
Sinan Eren
Sinan ErenMaker@didymaworks
Hi @3v3rt we are a local VPN proxy that inspects traffic directly on the device without any latency/network overhead. We are not a traditional VPN that routes traffic to the cloud. Our main use-case is prevention of phishing on mobile devices based on blacklisting, expert rules and a hybrid ML model. Additionally we offer privacy functionality such as blocking of almost all trackers and ads via blacklisting. In summary, you get three wonderful features for free by installing Fyde: 1) security 2) privacy 3) adblock
Cheng Qian
Cheng Qian@chiancheng · Editor, nicee.co
Seems like a free version of Disconnect iOS but with the ability of adding exceptions. I still think AdGuard Pro on iOS is the best as it now supports changing DNS to servers wIth DNSCrypt and logging DNS queries which is super help in identifying new trackers.
Sinan Eren
Sinan ErenMaker@didymaworks
Hi @chiancheng thank you for your interest. We would like to believe we are much more than Disconnect as we don't route any traffic to servers and do not receive or retain any user data. Network inspection and removal of bad domains/IPs and rogue wifi networks happen on the device locally. We do not add any network latency. As for AdGuard, we have one major advantage besides several minor ones; you can install and have Fyde remain on on-demand mode forever, it will not brick your internet because it can NOT handle transitions in and out of WiFi networks which is the case with AdGuard. I have my local VPN on for over 30 days now without network disruption. As for DNSCrypt and DNS server support, these are on our immediate roadmap. Another differentiator over AdGuard is that our business model monetizes commercial use via a SaaS-based cloud offering and Fyde will remain free to personal use forever. I hope this helps.
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Law Student|Tech Evangelist
Great job!! Could you give us a walkthrough?
Sinan Eren
Sinan ErenMaker@didymaworks
Hi @ayush_chandra gladly. Fyde is a local VPN proxy that lives on your device natively. We do intercept and inspect network traffic locally on your device without routing it to any server. Our main use-case is combating phishing and its variants. We also block almost all trackers and ad servers in-order-to support our mission for privacy. Our call to action was the phishing attacks our political parties endured during the 2016 elections, confirmed to be originated from intelligence apparatus of adversarial foreign nations to disrupt our elections. We are on a mission to solve this large scale problem for all personal use and we only monetize via an Enterprise business model. No personal user data is collected or retained.
Connor Hatch
Connor Hatch@connorhewins · connorhatch.com
Your Help Desk states Fyde will be available for Android this fall. Is there any email list to sign up to & get notified?
Emre Tezisci
Emre TezisciMaker@etezisci
Hi @connorhewins Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion and question. We always appreciate feedback and suggestions. We will add sign up form for the Android version, to our website. Meanwhile, you can sign up by using the following link. http://eepurl.com/dq23xr
Hitesh Borse
Hitesh Borse@hitesh_borse
Hello, Amazing app ! I am an iOS developer and had a doubt regarding the iOS app.. Does the fyde app created local VPN or have used your DNS server for iOS app? Apple does not allow access to other applications, so how does fyde app block websites even when the app is closed