Send web pages to your email inbox in just one click

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Love it. I added one label action on my email account and it's now everything I could ask for. Please add an icon for the Fwrdto.me link and it will be perfect! Great job, guys.
@bagel_labs Thank you! Funny to see that I have the same workflow than you!
@bagel_labs I've made some research about the icon, without success... If you have any existing bookmarklet that use one, I'll be happy to give a look!
@vp_fr I did some searching myself but couldn't find much either. It's okay though. I guess this can be easily solved when your Chrome extension comes out!
@bagel_labs And here it is! The Chrome Extension version is now available at https://chrome.google.com/websto... Looking forward to your hearing your thoughts!
@vp_fr That was fast, hahahah :) Just tried it and it's perfect! Icon's lookin' good, too. Thanks Valentin!
I love the simplicity of the bookmarklet. There are a apps for this on mobile: Slapshot (by @thetylerhayes), Mail to Self, and Captio.
@rrhoover In fact, I often use Mail to Self on my phone and didn't find anything like it for Desktop. Thanks to them for the great work too!
What is the difference to the Inbox by Google chrome extension? In this, you can "Save to Inbox": https://chrome.google.com/websto...
@mblode Thanks for the feedback! I did not know about this Chrome extension! As a bookmarklet. Fwrdto.me can be added to any web browser and works on any email platform. I don't know about the second point but I'm sure the first is a big difference :)
@vp_fr Amazing! Well done! I feel like it would be incredible for people who read newsletters in their inbox. Personally, I use Pocket to save links and I try to unsubscribe from all newsletters in my inbox. Therefore, keeping things to read later separate.
Great tool! Thanks @vp_fr for making it ☺.
@gabrielreynard Thanks a lot Gabriel :)
@gabrielreynard @vp_fr Agreed. Just tried this and it's amazing!
Life on the web when inspiration hits and you ended manually sending an email to yourself.