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Dave Byun@bagel_labs · Business Strategist, Bagel Labs
Love it. I added one label action on my email account and it's now everything I could ask for. Please add an icon for the Fwrdto.me link and it will be perfect! Great job, guys.
Valentin PoloMaker@vp_fr · Web Developer
@bagel_labs Thank you! Funny to see that I have the same workflow than you!
Valentin PoloMaker@vp_fr · Web Developer
@bagel_labs I've made some research about the icon, without success... If you have any existing bookmarklet that use one, I'll be happy to give a look!
Dave Byun@bagel_labs · Business Strategist, Bagel Labs
@vp_fr I did some searching myself but couldn't find much either. It's okay though. I guess this can be easily solved when your Chrome extension comes out!
Valentin PoloMaker@vp_fr · Web Developer
@bagel_labs And here it is! The Chrome Extension version is now available at https://chrome.google.com/websto... Looking forward to your hearing your thoughts!
Dave Byun@bagel_labs · Business Strategist, Bagel Labs
@vp_fr That was fast, hahahah :) Just tried it and it's perfect! Icon's lookin' good, too. Thanks Valentin!
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I love the simplicity of the bookmarklet. There are a apps for this on mobile: Slapshot (by @thetylerhayes), Mail to Self, and Captio.
Valentin PoloMaker@vp_fr · Web Developer
@rrhoover In fact, I often use Mail to Self on my phone and didn't find anything like it for Desktop. Thanks to them for the great work too!
Yuriy Shikhanovich@uxiomatic · Developer, UXiomatic
@rrhoover @thetylerhayes I built something like this on Android a while back https://play.google.com/store/ap...
What is the difference to the Inbox by Google chrome extension? In this, you can "Save to Inbox": https://chrome.google.com/websto...
Valentin PoloMaker@vp_fr · Web Developer
@mblode Thanks for the feedback! I did not know about this Chrome extension! As a bookmarklet. Fwrdto.me can be added to any web browser and works on any email platform. I don't know about the second point but I'm sure the first is a big difference :)
@vp_fr Amazing! Well done! I feel like it would be incredible for people who read newsletters in their inbox. Personally, I use Pocket to save links and I try to unsubscribe from all newsletters in my inbox. Therefore, keeping things to read later separate.
Gabriel Reynard@gabrielreynard · Business Lover ✌
Great tool! Thanks @vp_fr for making it ☺.
Valentin PoloMaker@vp_fr · Web Developer
@gabrielreynard Thanks a lot Gabriel :)
Katie Weiler@katieweiler · Project Coordinator at Intently
@gabrielreynard @vp_fr Agreed. Just tried this and it's amazing!
Guled Ahmed@_guled_ · Innovator, Aspiring Entrepreneur
Life on the web when inspiration hits and you ended manually sending an email to yourself.