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FWD:Everyone unlocks the knowledge frozen in your inbox, making it easy to publish emails on the web or share them privately within your business or organization.

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Imagine if part of your inbox served as a public log for friends, colleagues, or really, anyone to peak into? FWD:Everyone is a really neat product from @alexkrupp and @WrksOnMyMachine, taking an existing use case we do 100x per day and changing how we consume content. You can now share an email thread you're a part of and watch anyone jump into the discussion, almost like a network of "CC'd" contacts. @alexkrupp, I'm curious, but what prompted to you build this?
@daveambrose, For a long time I thought it would be cool to read the email of tech industry leaders and celebrities. I thought it was a dumb idea, but then a friend encouraged me to go out and actually ask some folks if they'd use it. And surprisingly a lot of the folks we talked with told us that if we built it then they'd use tho product. Different people we talked with had different use cases. Some people were sick of answering the same question from dozens of different people. For college professors, fifty years ago their correspondence would get donated to their university library, but now that it's in their inbox that will all get lost unless there is some way to archive it. And for entrepreneurs, their email is content they're already creating that could be used to promote their startups, it's just that they're getting cheated out of their followers. So while for me it was all about getting a chance to peek inside the private lives of really interesting and accomplished individuals, for these folks they see it as a way to maintain a blog with 10x less effort. So we tried to build something that would fulfill both use cases. In a couple months we'll also have public and private organizations. So with public organizations, you'll be able to, say, subscribe to all the public email from Steadfast VC partners. Or with private organizations, you'll be able to share email privately within your business and tag it with things like the project name, 'decision', 'deadline', etc. (Charging for private organizations will be our business model.)
It would be great to see an example
@jeffrey_wyman Here is an example thread: https://www.fwdeveryone.com/t/Rt... We also just added a screencast to the logged-out front page, as well as a few more example threads.