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Hi PH Community! I'm the co-founder and CEO of Fuzzy - Making world class veterinary care more accessible to all pet parents. We believe this starts at home and most pet parents simply need a guide to help them on their way. The Fuzzy Pet Health App is that guide: A way to measure your pets health & lifestyle, get tips and reminders on how to keep your pets healthy and to keep all the important info and documents for your pet in one place. Ever wondered what to do when your pet's had a mini accident, or whether you're doing all the right things to keep your pet healthy and happy? We built the Fuzzy app to be the go-to resource for pet parenting. The Fuzzy Health Score will let pet owners quantify their pets lifestyle as it relates to their health & the Health Program & Community is a go-to guide for pet parents to do some of the basics at home, with Reminders to make sure you don't miss any important dates! So many pet parents have to keep binders with veterinary clinic receipts, vaccination & travel certificates that make it tough to keep everything organized or have information handy at critical times. Fuzzy gets info about any veterinary clinic you've visited for your pet and we get all your medical records and upload them to your profile in the app! Let us know what you think of the Fuzzy Pet Health App and Health Score. We're excited to get your feedback.
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Super excited to try this for @suchgrumbles!
@jonathanmoyal @suchgrumbles looking forward to seeing the pet health score!
Congratulations on the launch. Interesting looks like a mix between Petcoach.co (digital helpline), Pawprint/VitusVet (digital records) & Vetpronto (in-home care). But at $45 a month (with just 2 visits) its almost as expensive as my Trupanion insurance. Wouldnt ala carte be cheaper? Agreed about 1% of pet insurance and the opportunity it presents. Trupanion which is a publicly traded company has about 330K pets insured. Is your take that pet parents spend about the same for preventive insurance? Regardless its good to see more tech companies tackling the pet space. Good luck!
@arjunram Thanks for the feedback Arjun! I'd be really interested to hear what you spend every year on vet visits, preventive meds and vaccinations. We've found that people typically under-index these costs and that the $45 per month is a comparative cost (for increased convenience, access & education).
@zubsb preventive meds and vaccines are about $250 From Costco. If you can get customers to pay about the same as pet insurance more power to you.
@arjunram good insight, thanks! we've found most people (99%) don't have pet insurance but recognize the importance of basic health. definitely still requires education on regularity, the right preventive meds and vaccinations and best practices on healthcare. would love to hear your feedback on the app & health score, your pets med records and how the app aids better health consciousness for your pet.
@zubsb pet score survey is a good way to get people into the app instead of forcing a login. It's a one time survey. As for heath questions looks like you need to a paid member. Haven't found a real need for pet records as we goto the same vet. What's the use case that you are seeing for medical records ? Emergencies?
@arjunram emergencies, travel certificates, vaccination certificates (some boarders, groomers, walkers req this info from clients). making documents easily accessible (even when traveling) and shareable.
This is a game changer for our fuzzy friends! I am one of those who is not currently a pet owner but fuzzy makes me want to get one! Great job Zubin & team