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#3 Product of the DayOctober 28, 2016

Fuzzy.ai is an API that takes a unique approach to AI. It lets developers start building AI-powered intelligent behaviour without training data or data science expertise.

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Hey everyone! I’m Evan, co-founder and CTO of Fuzzy.ai. Our team is very excited to be opening our doors for new registration today. We’re taking a different approach to artificial intelligence. Fuzzy.ai lets developers implement optimizing, intelligent behaviour in their Web and mobile apps without having tons of training data or requiring a statistics Ph.D. We do this using rules based on your knowledge of your business domain. These rules are optimized over time due to feedback from production use. We’ve applied this technique to a number of interesting business cases -- fraud detection, recommendations, content optimization, and dynamic pricing. Our Web-based developer environment makes it easy to design an agent quickly, and our SDKs for different programming languages make integrating with our REST API pretty painless. We hope the Product Hunt community enjoys the app and we look forward to your questions and comments.
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And I'm @evanpro's cofounder. Happy to answer any questions you may have. We'll be on here all day!
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Hello Product Hunt! We're excited to share what we've been building. As a thank you for all the love and support, we've set up a coupon code "PRODUCTHUNT" to use when you sign up - it'll give you 3 months free on on our standard plan when you upgrade!
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@walkah Gonna be great!
Hey Evan and Matt, have been waiting for this for some time! keep it up!
@marcboscher Thanks Marc! Appreciate it!
@marcboscher Same here. Great work!
Seems exciting. First small things: the "confirm your address" email comes from help@fuzzy.ai you might want to change it to something more welcoming. Also there is no clear examples of what the product does on your website (before signing up) The second thing is that the onboarding is not engaging, it needs more personality, it's not very clear who you are targeting as an audience (devs or more mainstream) thus your message is sitting in between. If you're looking for technical people just get to the code part (less documentation), if it's for a more mainstream audience you might want to make your onboarding more friendly (images, videos, ton of voice etc...)
@azizmorsly Thanks for the feedback! We've tried a lot of different options for the onboarding process, and for our target market (developers) the current interactive tutorial seems to perform best for getting users activated. Video seems to stall developers out, and we really want to get people working on their own first agent. But I like the idea of using it as an alternative flow for less technical users -- I'm going to see what we can do there. As for examples: we have some on our blog at https://blog.fuzzy.ai/ but I agree that we could bring that more forward in our pre-signup experience. All good stuff -- appreciate the deep analysis.
Honestly as Rails dev who loves things like scaling challenges, soft skills, writing good code, this make me so happy that there are things which I can leverage by an API. I don't really want to learn more on AI and machine learning, because those things just don't interest me as much as other things, but I do need them and there are things like these which I can use! Kudos :)
@novica93 Thanks Nikola! This was the exact situation that @evanpro found ourselves in before starting the company. We just wanted to make our products a little bit smarter, and couldn't find anything that fit in between dumb procedural code and big complicated machine learning systems.