Subscription pet care: in-home checkup visits, meds, etc

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Fuzzy has combined some cool new conveniences of medicine (at-home visits, prescription medication delivery) with an insurance-esque subscription model that covers vaccines, heartworm prevention, etc. It's almost the inverse of human health insurance, where the bulk of coverage is for big disasters like cancer and car accidents. With Fuzzy, the only coverage is for day-to-day routine maintenance stuff, and I don't think they provide any coverage for the big stuff. Interesting idea.
You should say that its only available in SF for now. I went to the page excited and then got let down =(
Great idea on the medication delivery. Does the insurance cover prescriptions for upset stomachs and other mild, but expensive vet visits?
This is a game changer for our fuzzy friends! I am one of those who is not currently a pet owner but fuzzy makes me want to get one! Great job team