Create stunning portraits and visuals from your iPhone

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 26, 2019

Fuzion lets you take your portraits to the next level. Create stunning double exposures by blending your selfies with photos, adding overlays & more.

Made possible by the powerful TrueDepth and dual cameras in newer iPhones, the app automatically detects a person's silhouette and cuts them out of the background.

(requires iPhone 8+, X or newer)

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This is super dope @leonardrockstar πŸ™Œ What features are you planning on adding next?
@amrith Thank you! 😊 I have a lot of plans. Adding more advanced fill options (gradients, photos), more settings in the face menu and lots of smaller changes like high-res export and a crop tool. This is really just the beginning, I could see Fuzion turning into a photo editor to create all kinds of creative portrait effects.
Looks awesome, but requires > iPhone 8
@leonardrockstar is there any particular reason for that requirement?
@christophrmite Yes! Fuzion uses the portrait mode data to detect a person's silhouette and cut them out of the background. Portrait mode (the improved version with portrait mattes) is only available on newer iPhone with dual or TrueDepth cameras.