Fuze Cases

Bringing back the audio jack to the iPhone

Do you miss the old school 3.5mm headphones jack on your new iPhone? Not anymore, Fuze Cases are here to let you rediscover it! It adds that jack back to your phone and even provides it with more energy, to let you have your battery life extended, because we all know one battery refill in the morning is not enough to go all day for extreme users!

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Hey, maker here! I built Fuze because I don't want to give up my audio jack up yet. Apple is great, but like many people, I hated when they killed the audio jack. There are so many uses for the 3.5mm jack beyond music. At Fuze, we want to bring it back and while we’re at it, we want to throw in the extra battery capacity too!
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@diego_prince This is a spectacular idea. Glad you decided to tackle it -- looking forward to seeing the final product!
@robertcalise Thanks Robert! Hoping everything goes well and we can accomplish our mission.
Amazing. (and actually very much in neeeeed). I'm holding off on getting the iPhone 7 until the AirPods come out 😐
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@nivo0o0 you're gonna get delayed until like march 2017!!
@nivo0o0 Beats Solo 3 being my solution...
This right here says it all:
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@shimmb isn't that a giant mess? Who would ever want that?
Here's another picture that says it all:
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Be the Apple you want to see.
if you plug the lightning headset on your case, will it deliver the sound also? or just via the jack?
@ourielohayon it will work both ways.