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Hey guys, didn't plan on this being posted today, but happy to answer any questions. If you've ever seen those "This Week in Tech" or "This Week in Science" posts on the front of Reddit, we make those :)
@aklokus I'm glad to see this finally exists. I need somewhere beyond r/futurology
@aklokus Love it! Most positive & optimistic news source available on the web today :) Will you do any collections in the near future? Would love to see all news about space/rockets/spacetravel !
@PieterPaul Absolutely! These are actually coming next on our list :) Thanks for the positive words.
@msitver Absolutely man, r/futurology was another factor in our inspiration. I think there exists tons of potential to create an awesome site around this type of content, and we're only beginning.
@aklokus Are you using telescope or a custom solution?
This is an awesome and much needed resource, especially when a lot of science & tech news focuses on the now as opposed to what's coming around the bend sooner than you think!
Great question. Right now all the posts are tagged by category, and the stories for the image are typically sourced from those already on the site. We're currently working to integrate search, and then to allow users to filter their homepage by category! We took a lot of inspiration from not only PH, but also inbound.org. They have tons of great features that we're looking to implement in the near future.
Just signed up. Looks absolutely spot on!
This is an awesome website, and something I'm going to start checking more regularly. Just curious - what do you think about the idea of pulling content out from the images so they become searchable by topic? I.e. I see that "energy" is a repeating topic in each "this week in science," so it might be cool to see all the developments in that subtopic.