FUTURAMO Time Tracker is a time tracking, work management and productivity app for freelancers and businesses to track, analyze and manage work time more effectively.

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Very nice looking apps - I will definitely give them a try.
Thank you @erickbarron86 :) We would be happy to receive your feedback!
how is this different / better from e.g. Harvest?
@isdaron It's better because you don't need anything else to run a company. It's a time tracking software integrated into a project management platform which Futuramo essentialy is. And that makes it different. With Harvest you can only measure time and you are forced to integrate it with other tools to get the set you need. With Futuramo Time Tracker you get Visual Tickets and Tasks which alltogether create a great project management toolset.
@erickbarron86 Seems it's all-in-one application) I'm wondered)