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Igor Pavlov
Hi Hunters! Meet Fustr (ex. Pithy - https://www.producthunt.com/post...) - a unique way of discovering the newest startups. It works like this: you just swipe and see the headline of the random startup. So far we have 20K+ startups views. You may ask "What is the difference between Fustr and RandomHunt or The Startup Button?" The answer is a voting and sho… See more
@aleksandr_kazantsev @igorpavlov Looks very similar to the Startup button as seen here on ProductHunt
Ryan Heybourn
@ryanheybourn · Internet kid. Previously @foundler.
Voting was something I implemented on www.startupbutton.com based on clicks. The more clicks a startup gets, the more frequently it appears. It's there, but it's super low key and not stated anywhere on the site. I'd love to chat sometime - tweet me, @ryanheybourn.
Trell West
@trellwest · Creative
I'm really impressed with this web design and UI. It's definitely making me reconsider my own web design strategy for my business. Great work!
Sergey Pirogov
@perpetuous · CEO & Founder, wayme (www.wayme.tours)
Great UI