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Hi Hunters! Meet Fustr (ex. Pithy - https://www.producthunt.com/post...) - a unique way of discovering the newest startups. It works like this: you just swipe and see the headline of the random startup. So far we have 20K+ startups views. You may ask "What is the difference between Fustr and RandomHunt or The Startup Button?" The answer is a voting and showing mechanism. If you like it - hit the "Sounds good" button and see their website. If you like what you see on their website - hit the "I Like it" button. The more a startup is liked the more frequently it will show up and the longer in will stay in the randomizer (yes, there is a nice algo behind the scene). We think it makes the voting process fairer. Our main goal is to find a fair, unhackable and engaging public online voting method. Any feedback, recommendations and ideas are highly appreciated. On top of that you can also create your profile, make a collection of your favorite startups, follow other people and get followed as well. You can also pitch your own startup via Fustr - this will give you an automatic "show boost" for a next day or two. This release includes iOS app (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...) as well which make things even fustr. Have fun!
@aleksandr_kazantsev @igorpavlov Looks very similar to the Startup button as seen here on ProductHunt
@ishu3101 @aleksandr_kazantsev I think there are differences in the flow. Startup button clearly misses the thing of "second like" after viewing what the actual product is. Sometimes headlines could be misleading.
@igorpavlov @ishu3101 @aleksandr_kazantsev like I said above, startups are automatically liked if the user shows interested and clicks through. I'm yet to make a visual cue, but it's there and it has been for a while. I do like the Tinder feel of Fustr, but essentially both sites are the same.
@ryanheybourn that, plus no app to download! love em both but prefer no download
Voting was something I implemented on www.startupbutton.com based on clicks. The more clicks a startup gets, the more frequently it appears. It's there, but it's super low key and not stated anywhere on the site. I'd love to chat sometime - tweet me, @ryanheybourn.
I'm really impressed with this web design and UI. It's definitely making me reconsider my own web design strategy for my business. Great work!
@trellwest I am so happy that our project made some inspiration on you! Woohoo!