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FusionAuth's REST API quickly adds registration, login, MFA, SSO, user management, reporting, analytics and more in minutes not months. 100% free for unlimited users. Built to be developer-friendly, it provides secure, single-tenant, on-prem or private cloud identity, custom emails with localization, group-based authentication and more.

Chad Nickell
Bryan Giese
Vladi Sandler
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  • Thad Eby
    Thad EbyCEO of Ombud

    Great Team, Great Features, Great Capabilities. Amazing Support



    This is a great solution for Identity.!

    Thad Eby has used this product for one year.
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Trevin Chow
Trevin Chow@trevin · VP of Product @ Tally
How do you make money from this if it’s completely free?
Brian Pontarelli
Brian PontarelliMaker@bpontarelli · CEO of FusionAuth
@trevin Great question. Support, proserv, and hosting are our initial targets for revenue. Since FusionAuth can be downloaded and installed anywhere, it doesn't cost us anything to let developers download it and use it. Our costs occur when you need support, integration assistance, data migration, hosting, etc. Our model is similar to companies like Elasticsearch, Mongo, Redhat, Spring, Pivotal, etc.
Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @bpontarelli & @robotdan220, Can you tell us more about what you've built here? What aspect are you most excited about?
Brian Pontarelli
Brian PontarelliMaker@bpontarelli · CEO of FusionAuth
@robotdan220 @jacqvon We've built an identity platform for developers. Every feature in FusionAuth is available via the API. We built the API first and then built the UI using the APIs. This is truly an API-first effort, which makes it ideal for developers. However, without great API docs, no one would use it. We invested heavily in our documentation to ensure it is accurate, clear, and easy to navigate. Our documentation is built with Jekyll, Asciidoc, and Sass. Plus, we open-sourced it on Github and accept pull requests. FusionAuth is also one of the few products that is downloadable. Devs can download and install it on their dev boxes with just a single command. They can also deploy it on any server, anywhere in the world. This makes it simple for large dev teams to keep dev environments separated and to setup multiple environments like QA, staging, production, DR, etc. But best of all is that FusionAuth is free. And not free like Auth0 and Okta that feature-cripple or have user-count caps. Developers can use every feature in FusionAuth for unlimited users for free. You don't even need to create an account to download it.
Kyle Lamy
Kyle Lamy@kalamyty · CTO @ Kickfurther
One thing I think would be useful would be a comparison graphic/table showing FusionAuth's features vs competitors.
Sean Bryant (Four Eyes Designs)
Sean Bryant (Four Eyes Designs)@foureyesdesigns · Web UI/UX, Graphic Design & SEO
@kalamyty Agreed. Hey @bpontarelli @inversoft do you guys have anything like that on hand?
Brian Pontarelli
Brian PontarelliMaker@bpontarelli · CEO of FusionAuth
@kalamyty we have a bunch of comparison charts that we are working to put up on the website. Hopefully those will be up the first week in October (since next week is Denver Startup Week). Are you going to be around DSW? We should meet up if you are.
Kyle Lamy
Kyle Lamy@kalamyty · CTO @ Kickfurther
@bpontarelli I'm not positive yet, but I might be around DSW. If so, I'll shoot you an email!
Bryan Giese
Bryan GieseHunter@bryangiese · Design, marketing, tech and games.
@kalamyty This link goes to an Auth0 comparison, and links to Active Directory, Cognito, Firebase, Ping Identity, Okta, and OneLogin comparisons are at the bottom.
Kyle Lamy
Kyle Lamy@kalamyty · CTO @ Kickfurther
@bryangiese Thanks!
David Bratslavsky
David Bratslavsky@imbwealth · Blockchain startup
Awesome product, any chance of a WordPress plugin on the roadmap? Thanks!
Daniel DeGroff
Daniel DeGroffMaker@robotdan · Coder
@imbwealth There some generic OpenID Connect plugins for WordPress that will work with FusionAuth today. A native plugin is on the roadmap. Thanks!
Bryan Giese
Bryan GieseHunter@bryangiese · Design, marketing, tech and games.
@imbwealth FusionAuth just released a update making it easy to connect social logins like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and any OpenID Connect provider. Simple configuration steps to get up and going. Here are the details: https://fusionauth.io/blog/2018/...