Double exposure, video and photo blender

Double exposure photos are cool but the photo+video blends are especially rad. cc @shreebobnish
@rrhoover @shreebobnish This looks amazing! A few friends are visiting over the weekend to paint at my house and I'm totally going to use this app to capture that.
@nikkielizdemere @rrhoover @shreebobnish I'm so excited to play around with this!
Thank you @rrhoover and @nikkielizdemere for your kind words! I hope you guys will enjoy this app as much as we enjoyed crafting it! I would love to hear feedback as well as suggestions! Thanks!
@xzarexhc random idea: could you randomly select photos and videos from the camera roll to automagically create "fuses"? Most will probably be terrible but it could be fun to see what comes up.
@rrhoover That's definitely doable! We were thinking about that but we wasn't sure how many people would like it. I personally think that's a great idea! We'll need to test it out.
@xzarexhc @rrhoover definitely test this out, guys!
is there android version?