A better way to research

Use Fuse to jump right into complex research without worrying about where you’ll keep your content or how you’ll manage your sources. Capture pages, PDFs, text excerpts, figures, and images into your sidebar for easy storage, access, and source management.
We're a team of researchers in Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute. We’ve been studying the sensemaking process for over a decade, and know firsthand the challenges of dealing with complex information. Using everything we learned, we built Fuse to make the collection, sensemaking, and re-creation of information easier, by managing the process from start to finish.
We're looking for early adopters who are willing to test out our beta product. If you're interested, visit www.getfuse.io and sign up to be a Super Beta Tester today!
cool @julina_c I will check it out!
Such a tool is very needed! It’s really hard to keep track of things you find during research and organize them in a good way that makes it easy to find them again.